The Dos and Don’ts of the Introduction of a Dissertation

The Dos and Don’ts of the Introduction of a Dissertation

Often, students would wonder what to include in the introduction of a dissertation? Are you stuck and don’t know the appropriate dos and don’ts? This article covers the dos and don’ts and tips to include when writing your intro of a dissertation. Read on to know more.

When Should You Write the Introduction of Your Dissertation?

When a student has completed the writing phase of a dissertation, you must begin the writing process without having any idea of the subject. Your writing skills will increase when you prepare for your paper before you start writing it. As such, it is essential to know what the accompanying chapter should contain before you start crafting. Some of the reasons you must complete your dissertation before you finish the writing phase include:

  1. Ensure you have no impediments that could prevent you from presenting a high-quality and appealing intro
  2. To give a clear understanding of your dissertation topics
  3. To give readers an impression of your writing skills

A perfect intro gives a clear understanding of the topic, leads the reader to know what the introduction chapter is about, and explains the context of the dissertation.

The introduction may be the primary section where readers get more information on your dissertation. Hence, to present a captivating intro, it is essential to follow these dos:

Always Give a Preview of the Paper

Before you start writing your dissertation intro, it is vital to give readers a preview of your paper. Make it short, catchy, and provide factual information on the topic. After the introduction, you should provide a summary of your main aim of the paper. Doing so gives readers a hint on what they should expect in the dissertation.

Stick to the Structure

Each dissertation should follow a particular structure. It is crucial to understand what to include in the introduction that makes it fit into the dissertation structure.

The dissertation structure includes the title page, introduction, literature review section, methodology section, results, discussion section, and conclusion.

Using a Clear Topic

It is always good to know what you are writing about. That way, you can organize your content without arousing the reader’s suspicion. Ensure you give a clear understanding of what the dissertation is about and what readers should expect.

Always Structure the Intro to Inspiration

Allowing readers to know what the introduction will discuss is an excellent strategy for attracting them. Besides, it enables them to understand the aim of your study beforehand. Students should ensure that their writing is direct, concise, and intriguing for readers to read.

How to Handle an Introduction to Your Dissertation

An intro to a dissertation can present the following sections:

  1. Cover paragraph
  2. Introduction
  3. Supporting data
  4. Conclusion

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