Step by Step Guide on Writing a Dissertation Proposal Introduction

Step by Step Guide on Writing a Dissertation Proposal Introduction

The perfect dissertation proposal is one that makes you want to go out and perform the research. Not only does the paper lay the groundwork for your dissertation investigation, but its introduction also gives an overview of the rest of the document. And in this article, we’ll go deeper and get into what this paper entails.

Tasks in Creating a Dissertation Proposal Introduction

The introduction of your dissertation proposal acts as a brief hint on what the whole proposal contains. As such, the following sections must be included to make a lasting first impression. You should always read through the introduction before handing over the project to the supervisor. Also, be sure to proofread the entire document after you’re done writing.

Choosing a Suitable Title

In most cases, you’ll be required to select a specific topic from a pool. The pool should always include a wide range of pertinent research topics that you can then browse through before settling on one. For your dissertation proposal introduction to succeed, you need to carefully consider this selection criterion. Your supervisor will ask you to select a topic from a broad pool. Hence, the suggested title will be the topic from the investigation point of view.

On the other hand, the research will only focus on something that has particular implications. Therefore, you shouldn’t go for the simplest, easiest, or just the blandest topic. Go for those that show you’re particular about your subject and have the know-how and expertise needed to write the final report.

Creating a Presentation

The presentation of your dissertation proposal should be coherent and logical. That means that it shouldn’t just be a list of points or descriptions of concepts. This document should show the reader that you understand what the paper is about, the significance of the research, and the understanding of the methodology. Since you’ll be showing your interest, there’s no need to start lightly. You have to brainstorm for a good way to present your results. You’ll almost undoubtedly come up with some variations of the same.

Your presentation should help the reader answer the title question in your introduction. For this paper, a header will do the trick. It should include your department’s name, the title of your dissertation proposal, and the title of the project.

Writing the Introduction Draft

Every dissertation proposal has an introduction section that describes the central issue. However, sometimes, a supervisor might choose to create a prologue that takes the form of an essay or a short story. Don’t go for the latter unless you’re willing to include some lengthier prologue.

In your introduction draft, you’ll start with a topic sentence. Next, you’ll show why the topic and research are relevant and why they need to be investigated. After, explain how the hypothesis will be tested. Finally, highlight the importance of your research and the implications of discovering new knowledge in the field.

Creating the Body Section of the Dissertation Proposal

In a proposal body, you’ll be describing some of the significant implications of your research. After all, it should show that your study will contribute to improving our knowledge of the discipline. This means that your proposal will have to convince the reader that the topic you picked is significant, the ramifications will be devastating, and the methods used will produce useful results.

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