How to Compose a Case Study In PDF

What Is A Case Study?

An academic task is a report done by an individual or a team for a particular subject. It is an in-depth analysis and evaluation of a specific set of data concerning a particular topic. It may be involving to complete the research for your paper. Because it is a long piece, it can be challenging to analyze and interpret the data.

Structuring the Case Study

There are many different kinds of case studies. Each has its own way of writing. When it comes to case studies, the academic writing style is the same for all. However, there are some common factors to consider when writing your case study. These are:

  • Ethical guidelines – when writing a case study, you must abide by all the ethical guidelines. You should only include factual data regarding your study. Once you have gathered your data, you must break it down into smaller pieces for them to be analyzed.
  • Use available resources – having enough information to analyze your case study can help make the process quicker. The available sources of data can come from journals, surveys, articles, and books.
  • Formulate the question – before writing any essay, you must be specific about the questions you want to answer in your research. You can come up with a question. The case study should answer the question using the collected data. Another technique is to formulate the hypothesis for your case study.

It is important to follow these tips for a quality paper. Before starting to write the case study, ensure that all the listed above techniques are followed.

Writing the Case Study

In your case study, start by narrowing your topic. What is your problem? How did you get into your problems? How long have you been dealing with the problems? How are you coping with the problems? In the investigation step, you should show that you have investigated the problem, gathered enough information, and organized the problem.

What Should Go Into the Case Study?

In your case study, you must have the following:

  1. The case study’s thesis statement
  2. The research method
  3. The analysis
  4. The findings
  5. Relevance to the subject

After explaining each point above, it is time to start writing your case study. Here are three main sections you need to consider while writing your case study:


The first part of your case study should state the topic and give background information about it. As for every academic paper, the introduction should be strong, clear, and captivating. You should start by giving a brief description of your problem and background information.

It is at this point that you should state the thesis statement. Ensure that it is relevant and easy for your readers to understand.

The Methodology

This is the most challenging part to handle because it includes what you did and the materials used to analyze the data. Do not forget to describe your methods and how you did it. The case study should also explain how you analyzed your data and summarize your results in a graph form.

All the above steps are simple, but they are not enough to guarantee top scores. The best thing you can do is to seek help from your tutor. A good writer will help you understand the project and present an excellent report to earn you good grades.

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