Dissertation proposal introduction The primary purpose of this section is to outline what the proposal shall contain. These steps will help you clarify the term and its core concepts. This section helps you define your proposal’s meaning. First of all, you will use the past tense to talk about what is present and future. Understanding the present tense, this section will elaborate your expectations. You will now elaborate the feeling that the proposal will evoke. Most students view this section as the dissertation research proposal’s discussion section, where they prove their ability to answer the research question. The second chapter in this dissertation proposal is the literature review. It will show the analysis of scholarly sources. This part explains what has already been done about the topic in the past. It also gives an overview of what you will focus on in your dissertation. Therefore, you must take your time and confirm where you can find more information. The literature review will help you highlight the contributions of other researchers in your area of study. In this part, you will also touch on future research that you will undertake in your dissertation. Therefore, the section will help you determine if you need to expand your current research or change it. The dissertation proposal introduction also has an abstract that summarizes the entire proposal. You will highlight the central points in the research question and how they can help solve the said research problem. Therefore, while writing the abstract, you must clarify what the research is about. Avoid giving any too much information about the research, as you may create a boring dissertation. It is also good to make a brief summary of the key ideas. Finally, the third chapter is the full outline. This is where you present the research questions and the dissertation gap in the dissertation. Ensure that each part of the dissertation proposal corresponds to a particular research question.

Therefore, the guidelines will guide you on the procedure to follow when writing the dissertation proposal. Therefore, follow them with care. They provide a guideline on what you have to include in your document.Lastly, do not forget to proofread your work and remove grammar mistakes. This is important as mistakes might cost you a good score. Therefore, ensure you edit your dissertation proposal thoroughly to remove any slip-ups. This will make it easy to draft the final copy of your dissertation proposal.In the next installment, we shall look at some of the formatting and styling styles that can be beneficial when writing this paper.

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