Dissertation Defence

Dissertation Defence: What Are They And How Should You Handle Them?

An essential part of completing a dissertation is writing a dissertation. It gives you a more concrete scope of the research you are undertaking. It is the study that gives you the proper knowledge of how to tackle your topic. It is the main part of your study, as it will undoubtedly guide you and develop the writing skills. Now, what should you do if you do not have a dissertation to write? Read through this article to find out how to avoid such disappointments!

Tips in Developing a Dissertation Defence

There are various skills for writing a dissertation, and it is crucial to learn these skills so that you can achieve your career goals. So, what steps should you take first before you commence writing the dissertation?

  • Identify the sub-topics

The first step to take when writing the dissertation is by identifying the sub-topics that you are likely to encounter in the document. It would be best if you were particular about what you want to explore. Luckily enough, tutors will work on relevant essay topics that suits your study area. As such, you should start by finding those that are particular to your subject. Besides, the section has the more relevant information that you should cite in your dissertation.

  • Research

Research is the most crucial stage of dissertation writing. There are various sources of information to enable you to understand your topic better. Students should gather sources that will boost their understanding of their research work. For instance, you can do your research from journals, books, and even the internet. Your research will provide you with numerous sources of information. Be keen on which sources you take, as they will guide you later on when writing the dissertation.

  • Outline

The next step is to outline your dissertation. An outline will help you in organizing your work. An outline will remind you of the important points and which sections are worth pointing out. An outline will also help you to select the most appropriate subject and how to describe it.

  • Create a thesis

The introduction should contain the primary information in the dissertation. Be keen to use only relevant information in this section. Do not go into tangents whenever you write your dissertation. The information presented must reflect the topic selected. Be quick to cite only the sources that can boost your work and support your arguments.

  • Draft your conclusion

Do you know the length of your dissertation? Are you sure that you have drafted your entire dissertation? Do you have all the relevant info to support your arguments? Be quick to edit the dissertation. It would help if you only discovered your thesis. Ensure that you have noted all the information that is relevant to the topic you selected.


A dissertation is a long document. Be quick to remember that you are presenting new information. Please ensure that you use relevant data when writing the dissertation. Besides, you can also format it appropriately to make it attractive for your professors.

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