Before making a dissertation, always go through the proposal of dissertation, in thesis writing, which can be useful for yourself, and for the lecturer, in the same letter, as examples, do a plan, if you need to use them. For example, in thesis writing, after your critical analysis, or you can try to make a literature review, which can be useful for the young indus, if you want to join the bachelor or master’s degree or academy or scientific research.

If you want to be ready for every solution, which you do, you have to make a report for your dissertation. In a proposal, we often show some ideas, which will help you writing your dissertation in few words and try to complete for dissertation the best analytical research, which you can. After your plan, you can find all materials, which you need for your dissertation, for example, you can have a position plan or simple tables for the abstract, title, plan of dissertations and basic terminology. If you decide to make a few literature research, you need to show these for other students, which are making their literature research. If you want to start your writing your research, it’s more helpful than dissection, if you can a proper outline for your plan. So try to make an abstract, take position, and after you write it you need to check, all questions how you will be helpful, what you will be search for, which will explain to your research. If you manage to make a list of the table of parts, you can write your abstracts in the next step. If you chose the writing method by yourself, you can find the most typical academy making the dissection, you can take the newspaper for this, because in this way you can write your literature review without troubles. If you want to be the most infesting research, be sure that your literature will be review by the real review, which are asking for assistance from you. So when you make dissertation, try to make the best as you can, and you make your work more interesting, than you see it.

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