960 Blue: a 960+Blueprint Mashup

960 Blue: a 960+Blueprint Mashup

As mentioned in my last post, I created a framework mashup using 960 and
Blueprint. It’s only appropriate that I place it in our Share section.

Custom frameworks via 960 Blue is possible via SASS 3 and Compass. For Mac users, to install SASS 3, type this at the command line:

gem install haml --pre

and follow these directions to install Compass.

With that, you can several parameters for the grid in _base.scss:

  • site width
  • number of columns
  • column width (without paddings and margins)
  • column padding
  • column margin
  • line height
  • default fonts

Unfortunately the code does not check that your math adds up, so do some planning before you generate! The syntax is based on SASS 3 and is not compatible with previous versions of SASS.


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