Learning Web Design Online

Learning Web Design Online

One of the best things about web design is the low barrier of entry. It’s a double-edged sword, to be sure, as recent discussions have centered around the amount of noise in the community. “Listicles” and round-ups are thriving on the web, so what are we supposed to do?

Increase the Signal, Filter the Noise

I see at least two ways to this. The first and more difficult approach is to write good content yourself. The second is to find and link to high quality content from your blog. For those of you who’ve dug around the site a bit, you may notice a links section. The intent of the section is to link to “classic” blog posts about web design — those articles that helped you learn and discover timeless principles. There are some links to code as well, and those prove to be more difficult as code techniques change with time. But this is the goal — to create a list (gasp!) of articles that we can all benefit from. If round-ups are getting all the attention, let’s give high quality content a boost with some link love.

Suggestions, Please

Please do point me to more of these kinds of articles. Surely I’ve missed plenty of them, and the section will be an ever-growing collection.

Hopefully I’ll have enough to name the section “100 Articles to Make You a Great Web Designer.”

Just kidding.


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