Once upon a time, design blogs wrote about design. Yes, there were tutorials and there were galleries, but it wasn’t like this.

Let’s talk about web design

Here at Schema, we want to go back to our roots. We want to talk about web design. While we recognize that tutorials and lists have their place (in this blog, too!), we want our writing to reflect the fact that there is so much more to web design. We hope to create a different kind of blog, be part of a new movement, and pay homage to those that led by example.

About the author

David Sutoyo

David Sutoyo

I am a designer/developer living in Southern California. In a former life I studied Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, but when I discovered CSS I haven’t looked back. These days I love to design for the web, but not so much for Internet Explorer.

I write about random stuff over at my blog, and keep a list of my work at

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